Notice to Members Airspace Development Update

Posted on Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Members will be aware that the Club (and the Developer) lodged a Stage 1 Development Application (DA) with the City of Sydney Council late last year.

The Club and the Developer have been working hard since that time with Council’s various Planning, Heritage and Traffic Officers and Committees, to provide sufficient information for the Council to undertake a complete and comprehensive assessment of the DA.

Unfortunately, the Council has not reached a determination within the legislative time frames.

Accordingly, the Club and the Developer have lodged an appeal to the Land and Environment Court. The Developer will pay all costs associated with the appeal.

The Club and the Developer remain committed to negotiating a successful outcome with the Council which will now be under the direction of the Land and Environment Court.

We are hopeful of obtaining the Stage 1 approval before the end of this year.

Yours faithfully


Patrick Campion
City Tattersalls Club