CT Rewards

CT Rewards its members through discounts, promotions, special offers, events and much more. Tiers are dependent on the number of qualification points you have earned over a six month period. Tiers are reviewed weekly. You can move up to a higher tier based on the qualifying points you have earned over the past 6 months. New Club Members are automatically placed in the Ruby tier. You may opt out of the program if you do not wish to participate.

How do I earn points?
You earn points as soon as you become a Club Member and you continue to earn points when using your Membership Card throughout the club.

How do I redeem my points?
Bonus points can be spent on a range of rewards: Any Food and Beverage outlet within City Tattersalls Club, internal Show Tickets, City Tattersalls Club Gift Vouchers, EFTPOS Cards*, B-Pay (Bill Payment Service)*

*External point redemption rate applies: Internal point redemptions are at a rate of $1 = 100 points. External point redemptions are at a rate of $1 = 120 points.

Birthday Credit

All Members are eligible for a birthday credit according to their CT Rewards tier Level. To take advantage of this Birthday Offer, simply make a booking for two or more people in Lime Bar & Bistro at least 24 hours in advance during your birthday month. We look forward to celebrating your birthday with you!
Didn’t receive your credit? Please check with our friendly staff to ensure we have your valid date of birth on file. If you believe your details maybe incorrect or incomplete, please click the button below.


Tier Matrix

Qualification Points
reviewed 1 January and 1 July
0-3,999 4,000-19,999 20,000-39,999 40,000-119,999 120,000+
Entry into Member promotions
Complimentary Refreshments (Silks)
Pay by Points Discounts in full: Food and Beverage, Internal Shows, Functions 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Pay by Cash Discount: Food and beverage excludes, Internal Shows, Functions Club
15% 20% 30% 40%
Visitation Points 20 50 100 150 200
Birthday Rewards $15 $50 $100 $200 $300
Eligibility for Tier Specific Promotions
Exclusive Events
Complimentary Parking All Day
or Evening
Parking Pass
Full Time Use
Complimentary Snack Menu 1 Per Day 2 Per Day
Access to Race Tickets and Other Hospitality Invite Only Invite Only
Priority Paging
Other Pay by Points and Cash Discounts: Boonoona Ski Lodge, Day Spa Services, Full Fitness Centre Membership 20% 30%