Members Assistance With Contact Tracing

Posted on Monday, 31 August 2020

Dear Members,

As the Club continues to work with NSW Health to “contact trace” positive visitors and how it got into our Fitness Centre, we are now reaching out to you for assistance.

Due to privacy laws, NSW Health is not able to provide the Club with the names of the people who have tested positive and we totally understand and respect that.  We are at present trying to assist Government as best we can, using certain parameters given to us to try to establish people’s movements within the Club.

Unlike many other businesses, our Club has the advantage of being a Member based organisation and through our membership database and systems it is quite easy for us to identify a person from the moment they walk in and until they leave our Clubhouse.

Not having access to the person’s name from the start, makes it quite frustrating for us here at the Club for no other reason other than the fact that we want to reach out to Members to check how they are dealing with the Virus and to respond to NSW Health as quickly as possible.  In a few instances to date, we have not learnt the Members details until many days after testing positive.

We can anticipate, some Members may want to keep this private, some may even feel embarrassed, but please don’t.  We urge Members that if you have tested positive to COVID-19 and have not already contacted the Club, then please do so as soon as you are diagnosed, so we can stay in touch with you and do our best to assist Government.

Rest assured that our staff will keep your name and personal details confidential, but your information is invaluable to keeping you and your fellow Club Members safe.

For those who contacted me this morning directly, thank you for reaching out and I am glad you are doing well given the circumstances.

Thanks again and stay safe

Marcelo A. Veloz

Chief Executive Officer

For the latest updates and advise on the COVID-19 please visit the NSW Health website: