A poem to farewell Esperanto, upon its closing

Posted on Thursday, 27 September 2018

A poem to farewell Esperanto, upon its closing, by CTC Chairman Patrick Campion.

Esperanto, Esperanto…

Adios Amigo.

50 years of fine food & vino

& of silver service just supremo,

But they say this is finito.

So where the hell do we go

to hear piano & sip mojitos,

for crème brulee & mango?

There’s no substitute that we know.

Is this really the last fandango?

Let’s raise a toast to our faded hero!

Bravo,bravo Esperanto !!

And in the international lingo;

“Adiauo & por la memoroi, danko”

(goodbye & thanks for the memories).

Adios Amigo Esperanto!