Matthew Geercke and his wife Luanne have managed Boonoona since 2000. They live here with their two children Archie and Frankie during the snow season. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by your hosts and will soon discover no request is too much. Matthew and Luanne have spent more than 20 seasons at the lodge so feel free to ask them for advice on all things Perisher.


Boonoona was opened in 1962, after a group of 33 City Tattersalls Club members formed a co-operative to build the lodge. It derived its name from the Aboriginal word for “white ground” and was one of 15 ski lodges to open at Perisher that year. In 1966 City Tatts purchased Boonoona to provide a facility for all members to enjoy. The proud history of Boonoona lines the walls of the lodge and guests are encouraged to take a moment to look at the photographs when they visit.


Boonoona Ski Lodge is located at Perisher, the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s within Kosciuszko National Park, a touch under 500km south-west of Sydney, 550km north-east of Melbourne and 200km south-west of Canberra.

The best way to get here is to drive to Bullocks Flat, about 20 minutes from Jindabyne, park your car and catch the Skitube into Perisher. The train-like service comes regularly and only takes ten minutes. One of our hosts will pick you and your luggage up from the Skitube Terminal at Perisher and take you straight to Boonoona to check in. Book your Skitube ticket in advance here.

There is no space for private vehicles at Boonoona, and overnight parking is not permitted in Perisher Valley, so you will need to leave your car in the free, overnight parking at Bullocks Flat. The area is patrolled by security, there’s no limit to how long you can stay, and because it’s lower than the snowfall line you don’t need to carry snow chains like you do when you venture further into the national park.

It’s important to note the Bullocks Flat Skitube Terminal is on Alpine Way which is the road to Thredbo, not Perisher. This catches people out and we want you to get the maximum amount of snow time so double check you’re heading in the right direction.

Guests are able to purchase Skitube passes that include the Kosciuszko National Park entry fee. Savings can be made by buying a combined Skitube and lift ticket. See https://www.perisher.com.au/ for more details.

Do not drive directly to Boonoona. You will be turned back.


Rooms are available from 2pm, but guests are welcome to arrive earlier, store their luggage at Boonoona, and enjoy a full day on the slopes. Alternatively, guests can make use of the lodge amenities until the rooms are ready. Complimentary over snow transport is provided from Perisher Ski Tube Terminal to Boonoona. Please arrive between 9am and 5:30pm to take advantage of this.


The standard check-out time is 10am, however you can store your luggage at Boonoona and spend another full day on the slopes. In this case, Lodge Manager Matt will drop your luggage to you at the Skitube Terminal in the afternoon.